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Wasel Alami terrible service Saudi Post

wasel alami

Wasel Alami

Wasel Alami is a post service that allows you to have an address in the USA and UK and then forwards to shipment to your house in Saudi Arabia. It’s convenient when you do a lot of online shopping. Wasel Alami has a fee of 50SR for the first KG and 50 SR for additional KG.

Here’s the problem: It takes way too much time for the shipment to arrive from the US/UK to your house (According to Saudi Post anytime from 10 to 14 days). On top of that, they are extremely slow to process your order once it arrives to your USA address. And finally, we recently discovered that your item may get switched in the USA shipment facility.

Here’s our Story with Wasel Alami: We pre-ordered an iPhone 6S Plus from on September 18th 2015. According to Apple, the item was shipped to our Wasel Address on September 22nd. We did not receive any notification from Saudi Post until October 2nd !! That’s 10 days that our phone was in the Shipping Warehouse in USA. We sent the payment via Sadat on October 3rd and we received the phone on October 11. This is a very long delay !! On top of this, we noticed that the phone received was an iPhone 6s and not and iphone 6s PLUS !! We called apple and they are sure that the phone delivered was an iphone 6s PLUS and recommended that probably someone from the shipping company switched the phone with another one (This was not the first time this happened). We think that the reason why our package stayed 10 days in Wasel Alami warehouse in USA is maybe that someone was switching the phone.

Our recommendation is to go with Aramex ShopandShip. The rates may be slightly more expensive but our experience shows that items take from 3 to 5 days only to arrive from the USA to our local Aramex. Shipping is extremely fast, easy to track and we never had an incident with them.

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One Response to Wasel Alami terrible service Saudi Post

  1. Zubair

    I am facing similar issue with Wasal Alami. I order Headphones from UK and got it delivered one week ago to to UK address but till now there is no confirmation from Saudi post that they have received it or not. The UK number never responds; their customer agents do not understand English and opening online tickets is useless as they never respond. I am sick and tired of this pathetic service of Saudi Post and will never use it again.

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