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Two days weekend for private sector in Saudi Arabia

2 days Weekend in Saudi Arabia

If you live in Saudi Arabia and work for the private sector, chances are that you do not have two days weekend and you work full day on Saturdays. This is specifically true for the construction sectors. Many expats dream of having a 2 days weekend in Saudi Arabia in order to spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Most countries around the world offer a 2 days weekend and studies show that work is more productive that was. It was proven that worker efficiency increases when you allow them to rest more. The topic has been ongoing for years in KSA and it still hasn’t been decided yet whether to allow it or not.

In October 2015 the Labor Ministry has announced that it would conduct a study to determine the viability of having a 2 days weekend in Saudi Arabia and a 40-hour work week for the private sector. In January 2016, the Shoura is still standing behind its decision to push for a 2 days weekend in the Kingdom in order to encourage saudis to work in the Private sector.

To reduce the burden on the public sector and curb the number of foreign workers, the government has been considering a proposal to lure more Saudi nationals into private companies by limiting the working week to 40 hours, down from 48 in many firms, including a 2 days weekend in Saudi Arabia.

It is believed that a decision will be made in 2016 and Private sector will have to abide by this new rule. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 days weekend in Saudi Arabia

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