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Toki Chineese restaurant Jeddah

 Toki is a very known Chic restaurant in Jeddah. Whenever people talk about Toki, it’s generally comments like “The best Chinese Restaurant”, “Amazing Restaurant”, “You will love Toki”. So I decided to take my wife for our 3 yrs wedding anniversary and give it a try. From the picture on the left, you can see that the decor is extremely nice. As soon as we entered Toki, we knew this restaurant was different from the ones we have recently visited. So much attention was paid for the decor and ambiance. Very cozy and service is at its best. We sat near the window. The only problem with our seats is that we were right under the AC ventilation. The ventilation goes from one end to another along the window. it was EXTREMELY cold. Too cold. We asked the server to turn down the AC a little bit.. Still was not enough.. We were freezing !

So we ordered Soup and a sesame crab “sandwich” as appetizers, Lobster with noodles and beans and Poultry with sweet and sour sauce as main dish along with rice and noodles on the side. The food was very good and we were full enough to miss out on desert. Expect to have a hefty bill as the food is more expensive than other places and there’s an 18% service charge added to your bill. For two people, we were close to 480 SR.

Overall the restaurant is great for special occasions. I would not go there every week as I would go broke. However, it is nice to go once in a while and have a taste of great authentic chinese food. If you have a baby, I would recommend to leave him home. Not the kind of place where you can have your kids around.

Phone Number: 668 1080
Don’t rely on google maps to get there. The address on google maps is wrong. You better ask them by phone for their address. They are right next to “Laylati”

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