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The Kingdom’s Traffic Safety Management System

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed the employment of a world-class technology to control and manage motor vehicle traffic with a highly developed system called (SAHER). The system has been incorporated in some cities and will soon be implemented in all major cities. We would like to alert you that the speed limits on some highways within the major cities and highways between  cities have  been changed and new speed limit signs have been installed.

The SAHER system is an automated traffic control and management system, which covers major cities in Saudi Arabia, and uses a digital camera network linked with the National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior.

The Goal of the SAHER System:   

  • To ensure strict, accurate and constant implementation of traffic regulations.
  • To improve the level of traffic safety.
  • To upgrade the existing road network.
  • To enhance public security by using the latest automated surveillance and violation control systems.

 Technical Features of SAHER: 

  • Real time monitoring of traffic movement.
  • Administering the traffic efficiently and effectively.
  • Assisting in traffic accident prevention and responding immediately to traffic cases.
  • Utilizing mobile vehicles more effectively.
  • Live control of traffic accidents and cases.
  • Capturing violations via automated process and advising individuals of their violations quickly and in a short time.

Speed Control: 

Speed is controlled by shooting clear pictures (photos) of the vehicles’ license plates while exceeding the speed limit in all tracks (lanes) at the same time. This system runs around the clock. 

Monitoring the Vehicles Ignoring Red Traffic Signals: 

A front camera captures a clear picture of the license plate and driver. The sensor detects the violation of ignoring the red traffic signal or pedestrian crossing. The rear camera captures the back plate of the vehicle and the traffic light status. 

Circulation of Traffic Violation Ticket: 

  • The offending vehicle is automatically monitored by cameras.
  • A photo of the violating vehicle’s license plate (exceeding speed limits, ignoring red traffic signals, and other traffic violations) is forwarded.
  • The violation is received at the Violation Processing Center.
  • The violating car owner’s information is obtained from the National Information Center.
  • The violation ticket is issued and sent via messaging system (mobile).
  • Settlement of traffic tickets may be made by the Sadad Payment System through an ATM. 

Violators can be Notified by: 

  • When the violation is issued, the violator will be notified, provided that he has updated his information at the Information Center and added his mobile phone number.
  • By calling: 01-292-8888.
  • Or visiting the website: Ministry of Interior
  • Or visiting MOI e-Services:

Enter your national ID (Ahwal/Iqama) number, the verification code, and then press “send,” and the system will advise you if any citation is recorded against you.

  • Through SMS, by sending an SMS containing your ID number, service code “56” then *,  for example (56*1234567890) to:
 STC: 888995
 Mobily: 625555
 Zain: 709445

 The Vehicle Owner/User’s Information can be Updated Through: 

  • Visiting the Traffic, Civil Affairs or Passport departments.
  • The website of the Ministry of Interior:
  • Sending a message using your mobile phone:

The message should contain the ID number and expiration date of the driver license or the vehicle registration expiration date (Estmarah) – date in AH,

the ID number and (*) than DL or vehicle registration expiry date in AH (without spaces):

Example: 1001949690*1435

Message to:

STC: 888993
 Mobily: 623333
 Zain: 709422

 The National Information Center will check the authenticity of data sent. The telephone number will be registered and the sender will receive a confirmation message.

For more information about the services, please visit the “Al-Elm” Web page:

For more information about SAHER: 



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8 Responses to SAHER Jeddah Traffic Safety Photo radar

  1. Syed Altaf Hashmy

    Dear Sir,

    I appreciate your help in finding me a way to know online how can I know the number of vehicles registered under my name.

    Thank you so much in advance for your kind help/reply.

    Kind regards,
    Syed Altaf Hashmy

    • ramystyle

      You are more than welcome ! I always appreciate such positive feedbacks.

  2. Capt Tommy Schmitt


    • ramystyle

      Thank you for your kind comment !

  3. mohsinyaris

    Appreciate your effort..
    After trying it myself, I would like to point out some typos though..

    This is for STC users..

    To get the violations notifications:
    – Send ID no. only, not *56*ID no.
    – Send it to 88993 for STC, not 888993 or 888995


  4. Shankar

    Nice information and a dedicated blog..

    But, how long does it take to receive an SMS notification / update in MOI after the violation?

    Violation Processing Center of KSA works on fridays and Saturdays?

    It will be helpful if some one is giving these information also.

  5. Shoaib Ahmed

    Good efforts may u succed in preventing the accidents as well the wrong actiond of drivers

  6. jimmy

    i ask only sir about the speed limit for trailer truck inside the city center

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