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Ruby Lounge Andalous street – Shisha and food

Ruby Lounge is part of the famous restaurant Ruby Tuesday and is located on Andalous street not too far from SACO. Make sure you mention that you want to go to Ruby Lounge at the entrance because it has a different entrance from the restaurant. The lounge is on the second floor and you can either sit outside (with cooled fan) or inside. The menu gives you a variety of choices including burgers, fish plates, pasta, quesadillas and some great appetizers. What I liked about Ruby Lounge is that you can also order a Shisha. I ordered the double apple Shisha and it comes with an Iced head (see images..). Although the iced head did not make any difference, the shisha was good. I ordered teh Blue Burger and my wife ordered a fish filet with shrimps. We both gave our plates 9/10 ! The food was really good. Even better was the desert. Chocolate browny with vanilla ice cream served in a huge cup ! Simply deliciuous. What I also enjoyed was the service. The waiter pays special attention to details.. As soon as my Ketchup cup was empty, another cup was already on its way without having to ask for it.
The price is fair; 1 Blue Burger, 1 Fish and shrimps, 2 Shishas, 1 pepsi, 1 big bottle of water, 1 Ice cream browny: 262 SR Tip included, which is about 35$ per person.

Overall, I liked my experience at Ruby Lounge and would go again soon. Feel free to leave your comments.

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