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Red Sea Mall is located on Malek Road in the Northern suburbs of Jeddah. It has a built area of 242,200 square meters and includes a mall and 4-star hotel. It also offers both external and underground parking areas. The food court is on the last floor and is big ! I mean you have so many restaurants to chose from. The only problem is that if you go on a busy night (Thursday or Friday) you might have a very hard time to find a place to sit down.

If you want to visit RedSeaMall, I suggest you visit their website ( before going for a list of stores and restaurants. Don’t count on the Info desk over there.. I found that they are completely useless. When I went to ask the Info Desk for a list of stores in the mall, the guy told me to go to the Interactive screen. This was the worst interactive screen I’ve seen in my life as you have to navigate the mouse with your finger on the screen and it’s not accurate.. I ended up wasting at least 10 mins trying to navigate the mouse on the screen with no success.

The mall offers electronic wheel chairs that you can rent. There’s also a boat that offers a tour of the mall (See my picture below).

Overall, the mall has great stores and almost every single store has SALES !!
There’s also a DANUBE supermarket. However, the supermarket also offers home appliances, kitchen stuff, furniture and more. This is not your regular supermarket !

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