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Chilli Grill Barbeque & Grill

We went to try Chilli Grill today near the Philipino Souk. The place is nicely decorated (see pictures below) and the staff is very welcoming. We went on a friday night and it was nearly empty. We went on the second floor (Family section) and ordered (more…)

Toki Chineese restaurant Jeddah

 Toki is a very known Chic restaurant in Jeddah. Whenever people talk about Toki, it’s generally comments like “The best Chinese Restaurant”, “Amazing Restaurant”, “You will love Toki”. So I decided to take my wife for our 3 yrs wedding anniversary and give it a try. From the picture on the left, you can see … Read More

Chopsticks on Amir Sultan – Chineese food

Chopsticks is a known chinese restaurant that offers a variety of good chineese food. It’s located on Amir Sultan near Extra and right next to Ruby Tuesday. The ambiance is very welcoming. We sat in the family section on the second floor. We were given shots of

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Stars Avenue Mall

On september 30th 2010, we were about to park to visit Stars Avenue Mall on Sari Street when we noticed Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The restaurant is very appealing from outside and we found it surprising that the family section is not hidden or covered.. You can see the whole family section through the front large … Read More

SAHER Jeddah Traffic Safety Photo radar

    SAHER The Kingdom’s Traffic Safety Management System    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed the employment of a world-class technology to control and manage motor vehicle traffic with a highly developed system called (SAHER). The system has been incorporated in some cities and will soon be implemented in all major cities. We … Read More

Caffe Aroma

We went to Caffe Aroma today because some local friends suggested that we try it. I’m not sure if it was intentional to misspell “Caffe” but anyways.. The family section is completely different from the singles section and they have separate entrances on separate streets. Even the decor is totally different. The singles section looks … Read More

Shogun Lounge Sushi

Shogun is located on Amir Sultan street between Sari and Rawda. The restaurant itself is set on 2 floors. The second floor is sort of a Mezzanine that gives on the first floor. The ambiance of Shogun is

Gas price in jeddah Saudi Arabia – filling gas

Gas in Saudi is extremely cheap compare to Canada, USA, Europe, Lebanon etc. The price is the equivalent of 0.11$/L ! I fill up 90L of gas for only 40 SAR (About 11$). You’ll also notice that you only have the choice of 0.92 or 0.95 (Premium gas). So far, all gas pumps I’ve been … Read More

Saudi Airlines and Alfursan points Link to signup

Whenever you need to travel with Saudi Airlines, you can use their website to book your seats and flights. You can also decide to pay later. You will then get a confirmation email that lets you know that

Ruby Lounge Andalous street – Shisha and food

Ruby Lounge is part of the famous restaurant Ruby Tuesday and is located on Andalous street not too far from SACO. Make sure you mention that you want to go to Ruby Lounge at the entrance because it has a different entrance from the restaurant. The lounge is on the second floor and you can either … Read More