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Mobily eLife Fiber Optic Internet in Jeddah – AVOID AT ALL COST

Mobily elife

You probably noticed some digging in the streets of Jeddah with the logo of Mobily happening recently. They are installing Fiber Optic Cables for their eLife Fiber Optic internet Service.

So I went to Mobily on Tahlia to get the service because there was a promotion where they give you the modem for free and they offer free installation. I waited 3.5 weeks before somebody finally showed up to my house and installed the cable. I had to wait another day for another team to come and setup the settings to make it work.

This is the only paragraph where you will read the positive aspect of the service. Internet is very Fast (I took the 25Mbps package), stable and reliable. I was very satisfied with the speed.

Service is the worst in the world. When I tried calling to upgrade my account, I noticed that their english service was outsourced to INDIA. So I was talking to indian living in india who was trying to proceed with my request for the upgrade. I was never able to upgrade because the staff at Mobily had no idea how to do it. I finally gave up after trying for 2 weeks. I was also offered to buy a new modem to activate a faster speed.. I obviously declined the offer to pay 400sr for a new modem since I already had a free one and it didn’t make sense to buy the same modem twice just to upgrade my speed.

Now this is the funniest part.. I received an SMS on thursday warning me that my account will expire on Friday. Upon researching, I was told that the only way to pay your bill is by going to the branch and pay it there (No SADAT service available yet!). So After waisting 30 mins at the store, I paid 299sr to renew for another month. On Friday, my account was suspended and was marked as “EXPIRED”. I was furious because I had just paid my bill the day before. So I called them again, got transfered to India and was told that they don’t know why this happened. My balance was showing that I paid 299sr but my account was stoped. They opened a “Ticket” and nothing happened for 48 hours. I called again and this time asked to speak to an arabic person. I was told that I had to wait for my account to expire and then go make the payment !! COMPLETE NON SENSE !!!! I’ve been without internet for 5 days now, I am not able to contact any competent employee, they logged at least 3 different tickets and no one is taking care of it. I filed an official complaint and it was probably ignored…

Mobily eLife is to avoid at all cost. You will get a huge head ache getting the service installed (Some friends have been waiting for over 2 months now), you will get the worst service over the phone whether it’s for technical support or trying to understand how to pay your bill. The internet is GREAT but Mobily was not well prepared or trained for eLife. Their system lacks stability and no one knows who is responsible of what. Ask to speak to someone responsible who may help you and you will be given a ticket number that will get lost in the thousands of other tickets in their chaotic system.

Feel free to comment with your experience !

mobily elife

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