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Mobily eLife Fiber Optic Internet in Jeddah – AVOID AT ALL COST

Mobily elife

You probably noticed some digging in the streets of Jeddah with the logo of Mobily happening recently. They are installing Fiber Optic Cables for their eLife Fiber Optic internet Service.

So I went to Mobily on Tahlia to get the service because there was a promotion where they give you the modem for free and they offer free installation. I waited 3.5 weeks before somebody finally showed up to my house and installed the cable. I had to wait another day for another team to come and setup the settings to make it work.

This is the only paragraph where you will read the positive aspect of the service. Internet is very Fast (I took the 25Mbps package), stable and reliable. I was very satisfied with the speed.

Service is the worst in the world. When I tried calling to upgrade my account, I noticed that their english service was outsourced to INDIA. So I was talking to indian living in india who was trying to proceed with my request for the upgrade. I was never able to upgrade because the staff at Mobily had no idea how to do it. I finally gave up after trying for 2 weeks. I was also offered to buy a new modem to activate a faster speed.. I obviously declined the offer to pay 400sr for a new modem since I already had a free one and it didn’t make sense to buy the same modem twice just to upgrade my speed.

Now this is the funniest part.. I received an SMS on thursday warning me that my account will expire on Friday. Upon researching, I was told that the only way to pay your bill is by going to the branch and pay it there (No SADAT service available yet!). So After waisting 30 mins at the store, I paid 299sr to renew for another month. On Friday, my account was suspended and was marked as “EXPIRED”. I was furious because I had just paid my bill the day before. So I called them again, got transfered to India and was told that they don’t know why this happened. My balance was showing that I paid 299sr but my account was stoped. They opened a “Ticket” and nothing happened for 48 hours. I called again and this time asked to speak to an arabic person. I was told that I had to wait for my account to expire and then go make the payment !! COMPLETE NON SENSE !!!! I’ve been without internet for 5 days now, I am not able to contact any competent employee, they logged at least 3 different tickets and no one is taking care of it. I filed an official complaint and it was probably ignored…

Mobily eLife is to avoid at all cost. You will get a huge head ache getting the service installed (Some friends have been waiting for over 2 months now), you will get the worst service over the phone whether it’s for technical support or trying to understand how to pay your bill. The internet is GREAT but Mobily was not well prepared or trained for eLife. Their system lacks stability and no one knows who is responsible of what. Ask to speak to someone responsible who may help you and you will be given a ticket number that will get lost in the thousands of other tickets in their chaotic system.

Feel free to comment with your experience !

mobily elife

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20 Responses to Mobily eLife Fiber Optic Internet in Jeddah – AVOID AT ALL COST

  1. irfan

    Internet speed is fine but I’m having problem with paying my monthly bill and ofcourse customer care was of no help. Tried to pay my bill through saadat but stupid service wont accept my internet account number.

  2. Ben

    I live in Al Salama area and already applied for the same. Hope I will get better service.

  3. ramystyle

    Speed is great without a doubt !
    You can pay your bill via Sadat. Call Mobily to get your account number.. Or you can pay it at a Mobily shop.

    They have promotions if you pay 6 months or 12 months in advance! Ask about it !

  4. Ibrahim

    Internet speed is great but their service is the worst! Once my modem stopped working and i had to wait for two months for the maintenance guy to come and i was calling twice every day for the 2 months! And i stayed with no internet for 2 minths and they didnt even give me those 2 months back so technically i paid for 6 months and got only 4!

  5. Lawrence Umali

    I had no issues when I subscribed to Mobily e-life last year. Their salesmen were very persuasive and the fiber optic’s speed was very encouraging. I availed of their promotion and got the 25 mbps package. Installation was done after a few days. Their installation was a little sloppy and amateurish because they used a very thick outer plastic tubing that encased the optical fiber cable which was very thin. I was the only subscriber in my building so most of it was only air. They snaked the cable around the fence under the ground and around the building in order to get inside the house. It was wasteful in my opinion because they could have planned their methods better to make it more safe and secure. Now after one year, the tubes are all cracked and broken due to the heat and the fiber optic cables are exposed to the elements and in danger of wear and breakage. I am afraid that anytime now my service will be cut because somebody accidentally tripped on the wire on the ground or somebody vandalized the cable. I reported the matter to e-life in Mobily main office on Thalia St. but no one came to my house, not even a call or SMS. This was more than 6 months ago.
    Now 2 weeks ago just before Eid holiday I have been having a headache in renewing my service because it was cut after I failed to pay on time after one week because they did not remind me about it by e-mail or SMS which they normally do. I immediately paid SR 1490 for another 6 months and was told to wait for a call and a visit in 2-3 days. Nothing happened. No call. No SMS. No visit. No nothing. Imagine being stuck in Jeddah with no internet at home during the Eid holidays. So I racked up a huge bill in my iPhone postpaid account using the 4G service in order to browse the internet. I have visited Mobily 4 times already and each time I was given assurance that an e-mail was sent and someone would call. Their staff manning the counters tried to do their job but were not very convincing with their replies. On my fourth visit yesterday I was very annoyed, frustrated and talked to their manager. I asked to cancel the service and requested for a refund of my money. However I was informed I had to wait till end of the month (another two weeks). Mobily e-life internet speed is great but their after sales service and support really sucks. Very unprofessional service considering the size and stature of a company like Mobily. It seems that they were not prepared to handle maintenance and support issues after installation.
    Once I get my money back God willing, I will go back to my old reliable STC DSL which I now regret canceling.

  6. abdullah

    hello mobily e-life is good but they offer me new modem with iptv after trying the new modem so bad now i am willing to go back to my old modem and thinking to request new iptv

    • Usman

      Hi mr abdullah is mobily elife speed is good and its available at sadliya jamal at makarona road jeddah if you know about that just leave a reply and what about your new or old modem is it working very well or never….

  7. Usman

    Hi everybody i am new in jeddah my house is near to sadliya jamal share makarona i want to elife internet at my home is there mobily ecare line instaled on my area or not cuz i already visit stc for optical fiber line for 40mb but there is not available optical fiber line if any one know about mobily please reply me….. i will be wait….

  8. Ahmed

    in my case I never had to visit Mobily, their rep came to my doorstep, very next day the tech came was here and it was installed in 2-3 hours max, within 8 hours internet started. I paid for 6 months and got 4 months free, now recently renewed for another 6 months. Everything worked smooth for me.

  9. Ansari

    The initial offer was good and hence they fixed a lot of connections..installation free and six months bonus, however upon completion of 1 year they say there is no discount and you have to pay SR 2600 for 12 months which is too costly. I am planning to go back to my previous service provider.

  10. neil

    I think I am now having your issue. After the payment, the connection was not restarted. I called the “technical support” and advised me to wait for 24 hours even if it is clear that my balance from “my account” is already 0 it is also confirmed by them verbally that they have received my payment. After 24 hours nothing happened, I was downgraded for “non-payment” and always re-directed to this Daily cap limit. I called again and the technical support just said we will open a ticket! This is ridiculous! and they are called technical support!!!! totally useless!!!

  11. Soleh

    I faced chaotic similar problems with yours, I finally got my mobily fiber installed after TWO MONTHS waiting.

    The speed is fast, but unfortunate it is not stable. It keeps disconnect every 3 or 4 minutes. it’s ok if just watching youtube, but if watching live football on HD mode, it is frustrating.

    • Aamir

      Any one have technical support no or customer care

  12. Amir

    i have issue with Mobily Elife Fiber Connection, I am unable to Register My SIP Soft Phone with Mobily Elife Connection, if i am using Mobily 4G Service i am able to Register My SIP Soft Phone, Also i have try with STC Network it is working Fine, but only Mobily Elife have some issue i have try many time but my SIP Soft Phone not Register. i believe Mobily Block Some SIP Live IPs or some SIP Ports.

  13. Zain

    Can anybody get me sales person’s contact I need to make installation in Jeddah area

  14. Momammed

    Is elife covered in AN Nahada. Can someone please let me know.

  15. Alam

    I bought a 4G modem with WIFI service. 1st year we had high speed. I have subscribed for 18 months again. Now running 6 months, the speed has become greatly frustating. Since postpaid, I shall loss my money and now compelled to opt for STC optic fibre.

  16. Mzeini

    The problem with Mobily is that they lost billions due to accounting errors or embezzlement a couple years ago. Their CEO was suspended. They have little to no money to invest customer support, they are a mess.

  17. Allan

    Poor customer service. I applied last Nov. 15, 2016 for elife service in Musrefah. The salesman told me that it will be installed after 2 days. With several follow-ups by call, email, and visit to their office, still nothing happened. I’m planning to cancel the subscription and just wait for STC to offer their service. Bad experience.

  18. Shajas

    I got installed elife service in Dec 2016. I Called sales person, he came the same day and he told the technical service team will come after 4 days and they came as per the schedule fixed it and up to now it is working very good.

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