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Melange Cafe and the Meduse Shisha

Melange Cafe is located on Tahlia street, about 200m west to Amir Sultan road. The cafe has the single section on the main floor and has wide comfortable seats and extremely large tables. The decor and ambiance is great although I find that sometimes the Air Conditionnaire is a bit to cold. On the second floor, the family section is divided in 2 sections: Indoor and outdoor. The outdoor section is cover and has giant AC working to keep it cool. A giant screen is also available. I went once to watch a world cup game.

The menu is fairly priced. The food is good and I would recommend their Tuna Tartar ! Now what I love about Cafe Melange is their Shisha. Priced at only 55 SR, you get to smoke a Meduse Shisha (See picture). It is by far the best engineered Shisha in my opinion. It is so easy to inhale, never burns and looks really cool. You can either have 1 or 2 pipes attached to it. I would recomment you try the Apple Mint flavor.

Cafe Melange is a nice place to relax and enjoy some nice entres with an amazing Shisha.

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2 Responses to Melange Cafe and the Meduse Shisha

  1. meduse shisha

    hi in dubai you can smoke them for 45 dhs

  2. Sid

    Thats right, smoked a few meduse pipes there in Dubai. Its perfect

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