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Mecca clock – images and pictures

If you’ve been to Mecca, the first thing you will notice when entering the city is a giant building that can be seen from kilometers away. This giant building located right next to the Haram holds a giant clock on top of it. Below are some pictures I got from a presentation. Saudi Arabia hopes the four faces of the new clock, which will loom over Mecca’s Grand Mosque from what is expected to be the world’s second tallest building, will establish Mecca as an alternate time standard to the Greenwich median. The tower is set to reach 601m which would make  it the world’s second tallest building — ahead of Taiwan’s 509 metre (1,670 feet) Taipei 101, but well behind the Burj Khalifa, the 828 metre (2,717 feet) skyscraper inaugurated in Dubai in January. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave your comments.

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