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Lost Iqama? What to do? Follow this guide

Lost Iqama

Have you lost your Iqama in Saudi Arabia? Don’t panic ! You are not the first. Everyday, expats lose their ID all across KSA. Wether it was stolen or lost, you need to get a replacement of your lost Iqama as soon as possible.

First make sure you have looked everywhere and that you have asked your colleague and employer if they have found your Iqama. If you still cannot find it, then you must ask your Sponsor to file a complaint with the Police. Once this is done, you need to get a letter in arabic from your sponsor stating that you have a lost Iqama case. The letter must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. If your Iqama is 1 year or less old, you must pay 500SR fee for a new year.

Finally, you must apply to Jawazat and submit the arabic letter, 2 passport photos, a copy of the lost iqama, payment proof (1000sr penalty fee + 500sr if iqama is less than 1 yr old). Once the documents are verified, you will receive your new iqama copy the same or the next day !

Lost Iqama

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