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List of Medical Clinics in Jeddah

Below is a list of Clinics available in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ansar New Clinic    
Tel: +966-2-6933379

Al-Gadeer Polyclinic    
Tel: +966-2-6722535

Al-Hamra Clinics       
Tel: +966-2-6655588

Al-Haramin Polyclinic    
Tel: +966-2-6474850

Al-Madina Medical Clinic    
Tel: +966-2-6881288

Al-Quds Polyclinic
Tel: +966-2-6970224

Alaa Bahri for artificial Eyes
Tel: +966-2-6927792

Andalusia Dental Center    
Tel: +966-2-2611111

Bin Laden
Tel: +966-2-6722315

Clinic 21 (Specialized on Phsiotherpay) 
Tel: +966-2-6067202
Mob: +966-506673533

Dr. Edrees Podiatric

Tel: +966-500506507

Dr. Effat Daghostani Clinics
Tel: +966-2-6601729

Dr. Nashwa Radwan Clinics 
Tel: +966-2-6633737
Mob: +966-560000702

Dental Spa La Perle
Tel: 920011663

First Clinic
Tel: 920029090

First Scan
Tel: +966-2-6925640

Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic 
Tel: +966-2-6480792

Hera’a Polyclinic 
Tel: +966-2-6920724

IC Center
Tel: +966-2-2066610
Mob: +966-552200922

Ideal Clinics 
Tel: +966-2-6635444

IPC Clinic 
Tel: +966-2-6921212
Mob: +966-506673533

Magrabi Eye & Ear Clinic 
Tel: +966-2-6655200

Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics
Tel: 9200001210

Saudi American Clinic 
Tel: +966-2-6605050

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