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iPhone 5s – iPhone 5c in Saudi Arabia

On Spetember 10th, 2013 Apple announced the new iPhone 5S and iphone 5c ! The question on everyone’s mind is “When will these phones be available to us in Saudi Arabia?” or “What are the release dates of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in KSA?”. We know that STC, Mobily and Zain have a history of obtaining new iphone 2-3 months after their release in the USA. The iphone 5s will be by far the most popular in Saudi Arabia due to its high specs. The only way to obtain one of the first iPhone 5s is to reserve yours online through apple’s official site or to buy one from abroad.

iPhone 5s

The Apple iPhone 5S is going to be the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor, and iOS 7, along with all the built-in apps is going to be optimized to take advantage of that. Hopefully, all of this will lead to a better overall system performance. It’s interesting to note that Apple says the so-called A7 chip in the iPhone 5S has a CPU that is up to 40 times faster, and GPU that is up go 56 times faster than its predecessor. Of course, these numbers seem somewhat high to us, so real-world speed increase will definitely be there, although to not such a big extent.

The standout feature is Touch ID, which is an integrated fingerprint sensor in the new sapphire home button that scans your “sub-epidermal layers” at 500 points per inch to read your fingerprint and unlock the phone. You can also authenticate purchases, so buying apps, music, and movies in iTunes and the App Store just got a lot easier. There’s a capacitive ring around the home button that activates the sensor, and it can read your fingerprint in any orientation. You can also have it authenticate multiple fingerprints, so you can share your phone with specific family members without having to reveal your passcode.

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