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Grocery Supermarkets in Jeddah

Obviously, the first thing we wanted to do when we arrived to Jeddah is to go grocery shopping! Here’s a list of Supermarkets that we know of in Jeddah:

1) Danube: Danube is a well known supermarket in Jeddah. I know of 3 Danubes: 1 Near Ikea (On the other side of  Tahlia), one on Madina Rd (Near the Airport) and one in Andalus district (See Location here).

2) Panda: Panda is another known supermarket. The one I know of are usually in shpopping malls such as Mall of Arabia and JamJoum Center. They are big well spaced supermarket.

3) Marhaba: Lebanese owned supermarket, you will find a lot of lebanese food. This supermaket is not as big as Danub and Panda but they also offer great heated meals for about 15-20 SR. Perfect for lunch or supper. I know there’s on Falesteen street West of Madina Rd.

4) Goodies: Goodies is a well known supermarket in Lebanon and has established itself in Jeddah not long ago. It is not exactly a supermarket but it offer over 12 different dishes everyday. Most dishes are lebanese and the quality and freshness of the food is great. A little more expensive than other supermakets but totally worth it.There’s one right next to the Danub in Andalus district.

5) Al Raya: Al Raya super market is a small yet convenient supermarket on Falesteen Stree, west of  Madina Rd. near the Satellite Dish stores. Not my personal favorite because its a bit small and hard to move inside. However it is great if you only need a couple of specific items.

6) Le Carrefour: Le Carrefour is in the Start Avenue Mall. It’s a great big supermarket and you will also find some European product. It’s funny because it sells anything from TVs, electronics to food !

I haven’t noticed a big price difference between all supermarkets (Except for Goodies). If you have any more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to post.

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