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Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Stars Avenue Mall

On september 30th 2010, we were about to park to visit Stars Avenue Mall on Sari Street when we noticed Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The restaurant is very appealing from outside and we found it surprising that the family section is not hidden or covered.. You can see the whole family section through the front large window that is also the entrance.

We decided to give Gourmet Burget Kitchen a try and we were 5 people in total. The menu offers a wide variety of burgers, fries (Try the chilli fries), sauces (I recommend you try the garlic and the blue cheese sauce) and some delicious appetizers. We placed our orders and asked the waiter to bring us our drinks first (Soft drinks and bottle of water). As time went by, our drinks were still not on our table (I’m talking 20 mins later). 45 mins later, our order was still not on our table. We were getting angry when the manager came to bring our food. Unfortunately, there was a mixup and nothing besides the appetizers from what we ordered was correct. It was very dissapointing as we were looking forward to try different burgers. I order a blue cheese burger and got instead a normal burger. Nevertheless the burger was very good and I would rate the food as Super! Look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

The manager appologized and explained to us that the restaurant was open only for 3 days !! This explained all the confusion and the slowness.. We decided to come back and give Gourmet Burger Kitchen a second chance  in 2 months. Hopefully the service will be much better and the food will stay as good !

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