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Compounds housing in jeddah

If you’re an expat planning to come to Jeddah, you’re probably googling compounds in jeddah and you’re probably frustrated about how little results you get from search engines. This is because 80% of compounds do not have websites !!! I had a very difficult time searching for compounds so I hope my post will clear things up for you.

First you need to understand the different type of housings available to you (All prices are on a yearly basis):
1- An Appartment: This is usually the cheapest type of residence in Jeddah. Two bedrooms appartments are anywhere from 20 000SAR to 40 000 SAR per year. If you’re looking to stay in an appartment building, make sure you chose a good location (Near supermakets, near shopping center, near hospital, clinic etc..).

2- A compound residence: Ideal for a family because compounds are gated communities. Normally they include a swimming pool, tennis court and some even have their own supermakets ! They are more expensive than appartments. A trick I learn is: If you are arab, do not mention that that you have a foreign citizenship. For some reason, they tend to price foreigners about 1.5 time the normal price. When they know you are an Arab, they price you a discounted price. Prices for a 2 bedrooms can range from 45 000 SAR to 75 000 SAR.

3- A Villa: Villas are not exactly like compounds because there’s no gate and streets inside. It’s basically a set of Villas forming a rectangular shape with 1 pool in the middle. Each villa normally has its own garage door. Villas are much bigger than appartments and compound residences and usually quieter. Of course there’s a price tag line Villas. Prices can range from 80 000 t0 150 000 SAR.

TIPS: When you chose a residence, keep in mind that if you want to get yourself a house maid, you will need to have an extra bedroom. Keep this in mind ! Also, make sure you negociate your housing package with your employer. There’s always place for bagaining and you don’t lose anything by trying. Same thing with owners of appartments, compounds, villas.. Negociate your yearly rate !
Don’t rely on the quality of the compound’s websites.. They are all out dated but it doesn’t mean that the compound is bad !

A big nice compound that I know is Sharbatly Village ( This is really nice and has pools, supermarkets, tennis courts, its own restaurants etc. The only downfall of this compound is that it’s a bit far from the city’s main attractions (Example from Tahlia street which is the main shopping district). Their prices are a bit expensives and there’s a waiting list of at least 3 months (That’s what I’ve been told). A 2 bedroom goes for about 80 000 SAR.. Price is to be confirmed. I suggest you give them a call.

Another set of compounds owned by Haji Husein Alireza are the HHAproperties. Their website: These compounds usually have a pool and a tennis court. They are not as big as Sharbatly but they are located in key areas in jeddah (Near shopping malls, supermarkets etc.). Call and ask for Eveline. She’s very nice and will help you find something. Prices for a 2 bedroom: about 55 000 SAR.

I will try to post more compounds as I discover them. Feel free to leave your comments !

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7 Responses to Compounds housing in jeddah

  1. mes

    Hey there,

    i am planing to move to Jeddah, I wonder if there is any 2br residence in a compounds with less than 50,000? there is one in Palestine street called BLO, is it good? how much is it?

    Can you suggest compounds “in the same range” around Palestine street? , do compounds have a furnished apartments/villas or all the prices doesn’t included furniture?


  2. Mustashar aqari

    Welcome to Jeddah.
    If you are looking for a comfortable villa, we have the ideal offer for you.
    4 br, 2 living rooms, open reception, kitchen fitted with all appliances.
    Shared common facilities for sports, swimming pool etc.
    The offer is for Companies seeking a compound for rent, or Expat tenants only.
    Please e-mail us for further info.
    Bienvenue à Djeddah.
    Si vous recherchez une villa confortable, nous avons l’offre idéale pour vous.
    4 br, 2 salons, une réception ouverte, cuisine équipée avec tous les appareils.
    Installations communes partagées pour le sport, piscine, etc
    L’offre est pour les entreprises cherchant un composé à louer ou locataires d’expatriés uniquement.
    S’il vous plaît envoyez-nous un mail pour plus d’informations.
    Bienvenido a Jeddah.
    Si usted está buscando una casa cómoda, tenemos la oferta ideal para ti.
    4 dormitorios, 2 salas de estar, recepción abierta, cocina equipada con todos los electrodomésticos.
    Instalaciones comunes compartidas para deportes, piscina, etc
    La oferta es para empresas que buscan un compuesto para el alquiler, o sólo los inquilinos expatriados.
    Por favor, envíenos un correo electrónico para obtener más información.

  3. Susannelkadi

    Achtung von Sharbatly Village Jeddah!!!
    -Take care from Sharbatly Village Jeddah!!!
    Die größten Lügner und Betrüger die ich je erlebt habe!!!
    -The biggest liar and scammers I have ever seen in my life!!!
    1/ Mir wurde ne 2 Zimmer Villa Nummer …. von einem Saudi Araber in dem Büro diesem Sharbatly Compound und ich bezahlte die Jahres Miete im Voraus!!! Doch es fehlten wohl noch Unterlagen die ich besorgen sollte. Alles schön und gut bis hier hin!!!
    -1/ they gave me a 2 room Villa Nummber….. From a Saudi Arabien guy working at the office in this Sharbatly Compound and I payed the year rent in advance!!! But he was missing some documents what I should get for him. Everything is fine till here!!!
    Jedesmal wenn wir die verlangten unterlagen besorgt haben, fehlten immer wieder neue unterlag. Dies ging so 3 Monate Lang! Ich hatte einem Monat nach beginn dieser Geschichte, von denn vor Mietern ein paar Sachen wie ( Sofa, Tisch und ein paar Kleinigkeiten) abgekauft und vereinbart es in der Villa zu lassen denn wir ziehen ja eh dort ein.
    -Every Time when I give them the required documents, every time there was new paper missing. That goes 3 months like that! After one month of begin this story, I buy from the old people they was rented the villa what i would get to, things like a (sofa, table, and other little things). We agreed that they will live this things for us in the Villa because we will be the next how will pass in.
    Endlich nach 3 Monaten wo es einfach keine weiteren Unterlagen mehr gab, die ehr verlangen könnte und mein Mann und Ich mindestens für diese Verlangten Unterlagen ca. 400,-€ bezahlt haben bekamen wir die Antwort das unsere bezahlte Villa jemand anderes gegeben wurde!!! Meine erste Frage war, mit den Möbel die ich von denn vor Mietern abgekauft habe??? Er war sehr überrascht und konnte meine Frage nicht beantworten.
    -At last after 3 montes when their was no paper any more what he can ask for, and my husband and me payed for all this request paper 400,-€ , they gives us the answer that they give our payed Villa somebody else!!! My first question was, with the furniture that I buy from the old tenants??? He was very surprised and he could not answer my question!!!
    Ende der Geschichte, dass meine Familie und ich auf der Straße standen, denn wir hatten bereits unseren alten Vermieter schon einem Monat länger hingehalten.
    -End of the story, that my family and me was homeless because our old landlord gives us one month more over the contract.
    Bitte nimmt euch in Acht denn die Verträge sind sehr dreist!!! Zum Beispiel: 3 Monate Kündigungsfrist ( 1 Tag zu spät, must du das complete neu Jahr bezahlen) und noch vieles mehr davon.
    Please take care because even the contracts are unbelievable!!! For example: 3 month notice period ( 1 day late, you must pay the complete new year) and a lot of more things like this.

  4. Susann

    New news!!! Expat blogs throw me out because my information about the Sharbatly village compound!!!!

  5. Mohammad


    i am planing to move to Jeddah, I wonder if there is any 2br residence in a compounds with less than 40000?

  6. Nida

    Please advice if there’s any compound range 40-50k in Jeddah with full facility.

  7. Rizwan

    Please advice me the good family apartment I am moving to jeddah in three months time.
    range is 25-36K

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