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Home decor with decals at a fraction of the price

Home decor If you are reading this, you probably have a home or an apartment and wondering how you can update your house decor without spending too much money or going outside your home. Well, here’s a great secret that will let your guests and family go WOW ! If you don’t want to spend … Read More

Access Hulu outside US and in Saudi Arabia

How to access Hulu outside US ? You’re maybe in a situation where you live in Saudi Arabia and would like to have full access to HULU. What is Hulu you may ask.. Well, Hulu is an American online company and partially ad-supported streaming service offering a selection of TV shows, clips, movies, and other streaming … Read More

Wasel Alami terrible service Saudi Post

Wasel Alami Wasel Alami is a post service that allows you to have an address in the USA and UK and then forwards to shipment to your house in Saudi Arabia. It’s convenient when you do a lot of online shopping. Wasel Alami has a fee of 50SR for the first KG and 50 SR … Read More

Convert Riyal to Rupee

Whether you want to convert Indian or Pakistani Rupee to Saudi Riyals and get the latest rates, we recommend to use the following website: can convert any currency you want and is widely used in Saudi Arabia to converts Riyals to Rupee and Rupee to Riyals

Hotspot Shield in Saudi Arabia – Download

Hotspot Shield is a popular VPN to use in order to access blocked webistes. But how can you download the software if the official Hotspot Shield website is blocked? Easy ! Send a blank e-mail to (windows) or (mac) to get a version of the software sent to your email address.

New classified ads website dedicated to Saudi Arabi

There’s a new classified ad website on the net that helps you sell your stuff. It’s a great place to find great deals as well. The site is 

Saudi Airlines and Alfursan points Link to signup

Whenever you need to travel with Saudi Airlines, you can use their website to book your seats and flights. You can also decide to pay later. You will then get a confirmation email that lets you know that

OSN Satellite tv – orbit osn

Your best choice of tv entertainment is to get a membership with OSN/Orbit. There are plenty of point of sales in Jeddah and they have great promotions. Currently, they are giving away the HD receiver and they include

Best “news” sites saudi arabia

Here are some links to get the latest news in the middle east: (My personal favorite) Saudi Gazette and of course Google News