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Cappuccino Grand Cafe

Cappuccino Grand Cafe is located by the sea near the Corniche (Below Falesteen Street). When you get there, you will notice a gate that leads you to a big Parking. As you walk inside and you get by the sea, you will notice some Yachts parked by the docking. Many restaurant give view to the nice sceneray (Among them, Cafe Lenotre).

Cappuccino Grand Cafe has a nice seating arrangement outside allowing you to view the sea, boats, King’s castle etc. We went around 9:30pm and the weather was very nice. We were unlucky because we went during a football game and singles section was filled with people watching the game. The Cafe had a nice loungy music but it was masked by the sound of the football game the whole night.

The shisha was good and they Cool the water for you before serving. The food was good as well.. We tried different types of Salads and Sandwiches.

Price was expensive (100 SR for a shisha) !!

For reservations: Tel: 02 2891009   

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