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Berts Cafe – Rawda Street, Jeddah

Last night I decided to try BERTS on Rawda street. We’ve already tried the one in Stars Avenue (Read this post) and it wasn’t bad if you wanted to shop after in the mall.
Berts Cafe Contemporain on Rawda is different. I took some pictures with my iphone  (Sorry for the bad quality) of the exterior and inside the family section. It looks empty because we were there early but when we left, the place was full. People were even sitting outise on the terasse. Their apple shisha was good ! I would say better than the Bert in Star Avenue. My wife has a chocolate fondant and it looked really really good up until she thought she found a piece of hair (I haven’t seen it but she says it was there). I had the Mint Lemonade it was good.
We were sitting by the window (on the second floor) and it was fun looking at the cars passing by.
When we received the bill, the waiter forgot to bill us 1 shisha (we ordered 2). My friend decided that we should pay only for 1 since its their mistake. On our way out, the waiters stoped us and said that we took 2 shishas.. I thought: OK.. We’ll pay you the second shisha. My friend however, demanded to have a corrected bill and then we would pay him. My friend explained to me that this was a common practice.. Since the second shisha was “Omitted” on the bill, the waiter would charge the client and keep the money for himslef. By asking the waiter to bring a corrected bill, the waiter can not take the money for himslef ! Clever !

Overall, I liked Berts on Rawda and would definately go back !

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