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Berts cafe Contemporain inside Star Avenue

I went to Berts last night with my wife and another couple. The french coffee is inside Star Avenue mall on Amir Sultan and Sari Street. The coffee shop is streched on 2 floors (main floor for singles and second floor for families). We got a seated on the big couches near the window. The couches and very comfortable. The Air Conditionner was not as strong as we would have liked to but I guess since it is open to the mall, it is hard to keep it cool. The decor is not not bad but I personnaly beleive that there’s room for improvement. I ordered a blueberry shisha, a Red Bull cocktail and a brownie. The shisha has a compartment to put ice under the head but it was empty. I asked if it was possible to put ice and they said that there was no problem. It did not make a big difference to my surprise. The brownie was not amazing. I should have maybe ordered a chocolate cake instead. My wife had the lemon-mint juice and it was good. Something you will notice when sitting at Berts is the noise that the fountain in the mall makes every 5-10 mins.. It’s so loud that it is sometimes hard to hear one another.

Berts cafe is ideal if you are shopping and need a break or a small meal. However, I would not go out of my way to go have a shisha there.


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