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Al Hamra Villas Jeddah

Al Hamra villas compound is a welcomed recent addition to the compound market. It has eighteen 2-bedroom and 3 bedroom villas, with a swimming pool, tennis court and well-equipped recreation centre.

Contact: Sales Department. Tel: 663 0180

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4 Responses to Al Hamra Villas Jeddah

  1. Malak Manzon

    Can you kindly provide the contact details of Al Hamra villas. I tried to call the given number but nobody answers. How many units they have? Please i’ll be waiting for your response.

    • ramystyle

      Sorry.. That is the only number I have.. I suggest you drive there and contact them face to face !

      • Bilal

        Please can you tell us where is the location

  2. Rasha

    Where’s the location please?

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