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Byblos restaurant and shisha

Today was the first time I go to Byblos and it was to have Iftar. To my surprise, we were seated upstairs at Bubbles who has the same owner as Byblos. The ambiance and decor is among the best in Jeddah. I’ve heard about Byblos that it is known to host business meeting or high … Read More

Tahlia Street Jeddah

Tahlia Street, also known as Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St., is an important fashion and shopping commercial street in the mid-town of Jeddah. It contains many upscale department shops, malls and boutiques, such as Prada, Gucci, Versace, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Sephora etc . Tahlia St. is believed to be the … Read More

OSN Satellite tv – orbit osn

Your best choice of tv entertainment is to get a membership with OSN/Orbit. There are plenty of point of sales in Jeddah and they have great promotions. Currently, they are giving away the HD receiver and they include

Berts cafe Contemporain inside Star Avenue

I went to Berts last night with my wife and another couple. The french coffee is inside Star Avenue mall on Amir Sultan and Sari Street. The coffee shop is streched on 2 floors (main floor for singles and second floor for families).

Iftar in Jeddah Hotels

What’s better thank having a huge choice of Buffet infront of you, eat all you can eat, drink all you can drink and not having to wash the dishes afterwards? All this at some nice hotels in Jeddah for Iftar!! Well.. The folks at

Mall of Arabia Jeddah

 Mall of Arabia is one of the biggest malls in Jeddah. It’s near the airport off Madina Road. This gigantic mall is the only mall where you will find an Ice Ring in it ! Yes.. An Ice Ring !! I have never tried it yet but will surely do one day.

Al Baher – Best Manakish in Jeddah

 If you like Manakish, Al Baher is a MUST place to try. You will love their zaatar, cheese and mix manakish. They are even open on friday morning ! I suggest you ask for a thin breaded manakish. You can have it cut like a pizza, rolled of flipped (one side on another) to have … Read More

Grocery Supermarkets in Jeddah

Obviously, the first thing we wanted to do when we arrived to Jeddah is to go grocery shopping! Here’s a list of Supermarkets that we know of in Jeddah:

About JeddahFun

Who is I lived in Montreal, Canada for over 23 years and decided to move to Jeddah last May 2010 with my wife and baby boy to persue my career as a civil engineer. We heard so many things about Jeddah (Mostly good things) but we had no idea what to expect. As an … Read More

Melange Cafe and the Meduse Shisha

Melange Cafe is located on Tahlia street, about 200m west to Amir Sultan road. The cafe has the single section on the main floor and has wide comfortable seats and extremely large tables. The decor and ambiance is great although I find that sometimes the Air Conditionnaire is a bit to cold. On the second … Read More

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